Additional Info

Here we provide special information about certain parts, including full-size drawings, to help you better identify your gun & therefore understand the proper parts to order.

These pages are only for Identification of parts, they may show parts that we do not offer for sale, simply Identification purposes only.

Hi Standard HD / HB Hammers & Sears & B Sears
Marlin Lever Rimfire Rifle Extractor & Ejectors Identified
Marlin Lever 22 & 32 Firing Pins
Marlin Centerfire Rifle Ejectors
Mossberg 22 Cal. Firing Pins – models 26-46
Mossberg 22 Cal. Firing Pins – models 140-380
Mossberg 22 Cal. Firing Pins – models 342-740
Remington model 24 Bolt Differences
Stevens Favorite Extractors
Stevens Favorite Mainsprings
Stevens 44 & 44 1/2 Extractors
Weatherby MK V trigger Housing

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