Mossberg 22 Cal. Firing Pins – models 26-46

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Model Illustration Part # used
 Models 26B, 26C  MossbeR400 #R400
 Models 35, 45, 46  Moss35-8 #35-8
 Models 42, 42S  Mossbe42_21 #42-21
Models 42B, 42C, 42M, 42m(a), 43M(b), 42M(c), 42MT,44B, 44US9a), 44US9b), 44US9c), 44US9d)  MossbeR117 #R117
Models 45A, 45AC

Suspect this was replaced by R117 or R211

Mossbe45A_30 #45A-30
Models 45B, 46B(a), 46B(c),46M(a), 46M(b)  MossbeR211 #R211
Models 46-B, 146B-A  MossbeR590 #R590
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