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Due to the manufacturing tolerances and or possible wear of mating parts and or possible internal changes over the production run of the firearm, sometimes a replacement part may appear to fit, but it may not function properly without fitting by a competent gunsmith. 

Therefore, all parts are sold with the understanding that they Will Be Fitted and Safety Checked after installation by a COMPETENT, QUALIFIED gunsmith.

Also, you may encounter an old style part that has been replaced by a new style part, it could just be made differently to simplify the machining process.  In these cases the part may not look exactly the same, but should fit & function.

We occasionally get product back saying it does not fit or function. We can not in the space available here, give a complete gunsmithing course. A majority of our parts are sold to gunsmiths or distributors. It should go without saying that just because you replace the extractor & it still does not function, then  maybe the chamber has a problem. You would be amazed at the number of “gunsmiths” who can not distinguish the difference between the function of an extractor & an ejector.

It further amazes me the number of gunsmiths who apparently have no parts reference catalogs for some of the older guns, their excuse seems to be “I usually only work on fine double shotguns” or a at least a different type firearm than they are then inquiring for parts of. Any gunsmith worth his salt should have as many reference books as possible.

One thing we do not understand, is that occasionally when a gunsmith calls & wants an obsolete part, many times they will say that if they had to make it themselves, that it would be to expensive for the customer.  To us that either means that we are working WAY too cheap, or this particular gunsmith does not have the ability to make it, & is just saying that to save face.  We are also well aware that in any trade that there are many grades of craftsmen.

A gunsmith without reference books is like a house without windows.

If you install one of our magazines and it does not feed, maybe you should check the ammo (factory length), magazine latch, or if a Winchester 100, for bent rails before jumping to the conclusion that the magazine is at fault & then altering the magazine, & then trying to hide the alteration, and send it back with a complaint. Our box magazines are made on original factory tooling and are made in runs of 1000 to 6000 at a time, and are more than randomly function checked while in the manufacturing process.

There are a few parts that we manufacture which are not guaranteed against breakage. Two of the more common ones are the Colt 1877 cylinder stop, & the Colt SAA bolt. These are built oversize so they can be fitted to worn guns. They will not just drop in and work;
EXPERT gunsmithing by a knowledgeable person is required for correct installation.


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