Hi Standard HD / HB Hammers & Sears & B Sears


Please see our online catalog for list of Hi Standard hammers & sears.


                Hammers& sears must match as far as type, however a type 2 hammer & sear can be used in a type 1 gun                                                                                                        

Model Illustration Part # used
HD  Hammer Type 1  HD_Hammer_Type_1 15-AH-1
HD  Hammer Type 2   HD_Hammer_Type_2 15-AH-2
HD  Sear Type 1  HiStd38H1 38-H-1
HD  Sear Type 2    HiStdH38-2h 38-H-2
B  Sear Type 1  HiStdH38-1 38-1
B  Sear Type 2  HiStdH38-22 38-2
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