Marlin Lever Action Centerfire Rifle: Extractors & Ejectors


The 1889, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1936, 36 & 410 shared as many internal & external parts as possible. The model 1894 & 1895 prior to 1934 is considered the “Old Models”.  The later 1895 & the 444 shared many of the 336 parts.


The 1889 & very early 1993s (possibly only part of the 1st year of production) used a screw in single spring ejector. This screw was screwed from the inside into a recess that the ball end of the ejector nestled into. It was prone to breakage& very shortly into production of of the 1893 was replaced by a two piece unit that had a separate thin spring stake riveted into the base. The base was the same thickness as the screw head on the previous version, so the newer version could be interchanged with no alterations. The factory at the time of this conversion advised to break off the screw’s threaded end & simply allow the rounded threaded end to stay threaded into the hole, while using the new ejector. But if you plan on using the gun to any extent we suggest when you need to replace it that you do so with the newer #36-15.

The old 1894 guns used the same ejector as the 1893’s. Then in 1969 when Marlin reintroduced the 1894 in 44 magnum, it used a thin stamped out sheet metal “Vee” type ejector spring until 1979 #314168. Since that year there have been numerous different ejectors for the later 1894’s depending on the different versions & different calibers.

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