Winchester 94 Lever-Action Post 64

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These products may contain or have come into contact with chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Parts available for this firearm

Model Part Number Part Name Price Photo
94 post 64, 1450A0220 Carrier, angle eject, 357 Magnum caliber, machined steel out
Photo not available
94 post 64, 1294X Carrier, improved machined style 30-30 caliber 50.00
Photo not available
94 post 64, 1450A0190 Carrier, top eject, angle eject, 44 Mag, 45 Long Colt, machined steel 75.00
Photo not available
94 post 64, 13966 Sling Ring Assembly, ring and stud assembled, # 8 x 36 16.00
Photo not available
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