Savage 340 Bolt-Action

On these model of guns, some guns have a suffix letter after the model, as possibly 340D. If there is separate NO suffix listed here, that means that the part listed will fit ALL of the variations

Savage also sold these SAME guns under the name Stevens & Springfield. If a Stevens it would have been a model 325 & if Springfield it would have been a model 840. Any suffix letter to the model usually designated some internal changes or would refer to calibers. Magazines are all the same within calibers.

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These products may contain or have come into contact with chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Parts available for this firearm

Model Part Number Part Name Price Photo
340B, 340C, 340D, 325A-55 Ejector Pin 4.00
Sav 325A-55
340B, 340C, 340D, 322-56 Ejector Spring 4.00
Sav 322-56
340B, 340C, 340D, 340B-53C Ejector, 30-30, 9/16″ oal, pivoted part 15.00
Sav 340B-53C
340D, 340E, 340-68 Extractor Spring, for 222, 223 Rem, small round plunger type 8.00
sav 340-68
340D, 340E, 340D-59H Extractor, 222, 223 Rem, small round plunger type 20.00
sav 340d-59h
325, 340, 340-59C Extractor, 30-30 16.00
sav 340-59C
340, 840, A340-142H Magazine Assembly, 222 Rem out
340, 840, A340-142M Magazine Assembly, 223 Rem 32.00
325, 340, 840, A340-142C Magazine Assembly, 30-30, 225 Win 32.00
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