Hi Standard A / B / C / HD

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These products may contain or have come into contact with chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Parts available for this firearm

Model Part Number Part Name Price Photo
B, 38-1 B Sear Type 1 27.00
B, HD, 4 Extractor 15.00
HD, 8H Firing Pin out
hist 8H
B, 8 Firing Pin, model B 18.00
hist 8-B
HD, 13L Grip Screw, 4 required 4.00
HD, 17H Hammer Strut 8.00
hist 17H
HD, 17AH Hammer Strut Pin 3.00
hist 17AH
HD, 15-AH-1 HD Hammer Type 1 38.00
HD, 15-AH-2 HD Hammer Type 2 out
hist 15-AH-2
HD, 38-H-1 HD Sear Type 1 30.00
hist 38-H-1 A
HD, 38-H-2 HD Sear Type 2 27.00
hist 38-H-2 A
A, B, C, HD, 28 Pick Up Spring Button 5.00
HD, 30H Retracting Rod 7.00
hist 30H
HD, 32H Retracting Rod Plug 4.00
hist 32H
HD, 42H Sear Bar Spring 4.00
hist 17AH
B, 38-2 Sear Type 2 30.00
HD, 54AB Slide Lock Assembly 20.00
hist 54AB A
HD, 56H Stop Lug 25.00
hist 56H B
HD, 59AB Takedown Lever Assembly 24.00
hist 59AB
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