Product inquiries

The e-mail address attached to the link shown below is for those of you who
need information related to an actual parts that we do make. This may vary
from defining Old Style from a New Style part or to verify if we actually have
it in inventory, or anywhere in between. This is not for flock shooting, as
requesting info if we make a Remchester over/under model 1876 LH engraved

Depending on many things, as some we get flooded on Mondays, especially during
hunting seasons, we try to have your order shipped within 7 working days.
Please do not contact us the next day wanting to know where your parts are.

One major thing for you to remember is that if you inquire as to a order
status, we do need more than just your name & that you had placed an order for
a couple of parts 2 weeks ago. This type of inquiry taxes our limited
resources greatly by having us to go thru possibly hundreds of orders to look
back & try to find a name that matches, only to find you called it in & your
e-mail address has no collation to your name Please give us more information.
We need the date you made the order, the make, model & actual parts ordered.
Better yet if you sent it by e-mail, attach your inquiry to the actual order so
we can make some association between your name & the order involved.

Please use this e-mail for this type of inquiry only.


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