Other information

The e-mail address attached to the link shown below is for those of you who want
information that can not be found on our website. However please be prepared for
possible form letter responses, even some that my direct you back to OUR “Additional Info”
or “Other Parts Sources” web link pages. We have tried to provide on our website as much
information as possible so you can be the informed public. You apparently have surfed the
web & found us, now please use our published resources to further your knowledge before you
send us a hasty request. If you do not have the time, then how can you in all fairness ask
us to lead you by the hand to information we already have available?

We Try To Share Our Knowledge, But You Have To Understand A Few Things Also:

We do have a combined vast amount of firearm related knowledge & do try to share it, however
do not expect an answer even within a couple of days. We may have to do research ourselves
as some information is not available at the answering computer location. It is also hard to
make a good diagnosis using e-mail or digital photos. We get many inquiries from “Do It
Yourselfers” who know very little about firearms who are not prepared with even the model
of their gun when they make an inquiry. They may have an old gun that was not that common,
was poorly designed, had some internal parts that commonly broke & the manufacturer went out of
business 75 years ago. They happen to be the 10,001 person asking for the broken part that
would be near impossible to reproduce at a reasonable price & they want more than a “Sorry”
response from us when we say we do not know where they can find it. We are usually the
end of the line in their parts search & since our website has a lot of information,
they grasp out at us for the final helping hand.

We are a small family owned business & since we specialize in making obsolete parts
for the trade, we are usually inundated and are always behind making these parts. We
however can not find a excess of qualified help living in this small community & can
not afford to pay the high wages needed to attract them anyway, as our prices would
have to be reflected in this situation. Yes, we very likely could make a replacement
for your one broken part, but we simply do not have the time in consideration to the
other customers who may be waiting for a back-ordered item.

Sometimes No Parts Will Be Found:

There may come a time that if you want your old
firearm repaired, you may have to abandon the “Do It Yourself” concept & it is then
time to take it to a competent professional gunsmith, who may possibly be able to make
repairs to a broken part where a replacement can not be found.

Don’t Expect Instant Response:

Mail received from this “Info” e-mail address has to
take second place to the running the business & actual parts orders or inquiries from
paying customers who require additional information related to the parts that we do make
& have for sale. As said before, do not expect an answer even within a couple of days.
We may have to do research ourselves as some information is not available at the answering
computer location.

Don’t Expect Original 100 Year Old Factory Parts From Us:

We reproduce many internal parts for many firearms, we do not have any used parts.

Also some of the firearms companies used different part numbers for the same part depending on
which year their catalog was published.

Broken Parts/Model Identification:

If you can send a CLEAR close-up digital picture of
the action with the butt-stock removed & or the broken part, this may assist us in identifying
what you have.

Please do not take this preceding section as meaning you will automatically get a negative
response, but it is an effort to minimize a lot of time consuming 2nd, 3rd & even 4th correspondence.


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